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Is an Extremely Powerful Mass-Cultivating Support Formula that has a Top-Notch Amino Acids Profile and Large Amounts of Complex Carbohydrates in Every Serving Since They are an Essential Part of Building and Fueling Muscle Expansion.

It has also Inulin, a Special Dietary Fiber that will Aid in digesting all of the Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat you need to Get Big and Stay Big. MCT and Flaxseed Oils are also included to aid in Hormone Production, Cell Membrane Protection and Mass Growth, as well as Overall Daily Nutritional Needs.

Contains Both “Fast” Whey Isolates Protein and “Slow” Micellar Casein Protein Made in GMP * Facility That Uses the Highest Quality Materials to Help you Achieve Superior Results in a Short span of Time.

Has More of What you Want and Less of What you Don’t , More Protein, More Calories, More Good Fats, More Fiber and Far Less Sugar.

Recommended Use: Use One Serving between Meals and at Bedtime, May Also be Used to Replace 1 Meal Per Day Mix 3-4 Scoops with 12 to 16 oz of Liquid. This Formula is Highly Concentrated, and Due to its Potency you May to Consider Using ½ Serving Two or Three Times per Day.

*Good Manufacturing Practice Certify.

  Chocolate 4LBS          Chocolate 8 LBS
  Strawberry 4 LBS          Strawberry 8 LBS
   Vanilla 4 LBS Vanilla 8 LBS
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